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Animistic Materialism: Rupert Sheldrake and non-paranormal

Mental activity at a distance

Sheldrake believes mental activity at a distance, (called the "paranormal" by older or should I say ignorant/biased scientists) is NORMAL. I am a fan of the British biologist Sheldrake, who does meticulous science and is quite brave to put his prestige and career on the line with unorthodox ideas. 
My male scientist character in "Flight of the Goose" starts out as a classic materialist with some free-thinking doubts, and in the Arctic is exposed to the psychic world of shamanism by the woman Kayuqtuq, (who in turn must battle her own doubts brought on by exposure to Western science/culture in the forced assimilation process). The novel shows the split in my own mind, I suppose. 
After I wrote the book I was exposed to Sheldrake and his scientific concepts - such as the morphogenic field -  explaining the "paranormal" such as telepathy and how wolves hunt.  He was ousted from TED talks for being "unscientific", which is laughable. What happened to him was almost like a witch hunt. But he has been undeterred and gradually is breaking minds through the old paradigm.
That has been quite gratifying to me, long teased by my scientist friends for my "out there" stances who must think I am not a scientist. But I too am a scientist. 
Here is a fascinating debate between Sheldrake and Sheerer - offered by Best Schools.  
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