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Arctic sea ice and temps at record low - habitat shifts: ornithologist Divoky on Science Friday

not only birds and polar bears but human villages on the Chukchi, and indeed the entire earth dramatically affected

A Chukchi Sea coastal village, Kivalina, also in the spot light as erosion washes them away. I wrote about such events in my fictional village in "Flight of the Goose", (2005), and co-presented about climate change in the Alaskan Arctic with Dr. Divoky and Friends of Cooper Island at Richard Hugo House.
Friends of Cooper Island is celebrating its 40th anniversary in March at Town Hall in Seattle. On Divoky's website: "Cooper Island data set has provided documentation of how the warming globe has affected the snow and ice habitats of northern Alaska and the Black Guillemots’ and polar bears’ struggles to survive in their rapidly melting environment.
In 2015 Friends of Cooper Island is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the start of this unprecedented data set. While we always have an annual update and fundraiser in Seattle, this year will be special – both because we are starting our fifth decade of research on the island and also because the real and potential threats to the seabirds on Cooper Island and the entire Arctic have never been greater." 
Divoky, an ornithologist like the character Leif in "Flight of the Goose", wrote about the novel: 
"A compelling narrative that evokes the universal desires that transcend cultural differences... a rare combination of western and Native viewpoints." ~Dr. George Divoky, Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
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