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Billy Frank Jr., salmon, Marlon Brando rap

Love this song by Gyasi Ross

info from Cabin Games site about the album (and here is the link to song "Marlon Brando"
"ISSKOOTSIK (Before Here Was Here) is the debut album from author, activist, attorney, and Native American spoken-word artist Gyasi Ross. A forceful collection ranging from historical facts to dreams of love and death and loathing, the release is driven by hypnotic original music under the guidance of Cabin Games producer Kjell Nelson, featuring Slug ofATMOSPHERE, Aboidun Oyewole of THE LAST POETS, and Northwest Independent music legend Steve Fisk, as well as traditional Native American performances from Nakoa Heavyrunner and Sacred Water."
my comment: Everything is coming swiftly to a head for the sacred fish and waters and Pacific NW - Alaskan/Canada Native cultures that evolved around the fish. Climate change, overfishing/depletion of species by big trawlers, violation treaty rights, misguided or corrupt science/gov policy, coal and oil trains and refineries and ports, drought, wild fires, rampant growth, deforestation, racism... you name it. I am editing a big book on this very subject. It will be published soon. 
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