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Cultural clash and star-crossed lovers: 

from Fairbanks Daily News-Miner/Peninsula Clarion

I love this review by Shana Loshbaugh comparing Flight of the Goose with Wuthering Heights, and recognizing that a big part of the story is cultural collisions. 

 I wanted to also show how it is not all star-crossed clash but a blending or two-way diffusion, as it happened in my own family, as impressionable "western" outsiders - even scientists - can have their paradigm broken open and learn from and assimilate to the indigenous village and hunting-gathering shamanic or animistic Earth-based cultures. Here is the review "Powerful novel portrays cultures' collision"...

"The theme of star-crossed lovers is as old and universal as any in the world's storytelling traditions. Lesley Thomas conjures up a startling new variation in her impressive debut novel, "Flight of the Goose."

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