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Kivalina update

Arctic Alaska village and "climate refugees"

Kivalina is only one among so many villages in Alaska and Canada that face destruction due to package melt, storm surges, eroding shores, thawing permafrost and flooding riverbanks, (essentially all village on the coasts and riverbanks of the Far North) but along with Shishmaref, Kivalina has gotten more media attention due to its lawsuit against Big Oil/Big Coal, and several new books about the situation.
I should note here that there are far more American "first climate refugees" or "canaries" than the Kivalinians or the northern villages.
I can see from my window in Seattle a stream of cars with Californian license plates that are not just economic refugees but climate refugees fleeing drought, flash floods and monster wildfires. Just as an example. 
Click the link for a great article with updates on Kivalina. 
In my novel Flight of the Goose, the fictional NW Alaskan coastal village of Itiak faces such a fate. I wrote the book in its first draft decades ago, tweaking it when it came out ten years ago, but some of us - including me - already knew about climate chaos and what it might do to to the Far North; there were already clear signs decades ago. 
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