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"Market it as thriller; don't mention climate change"

novelists can learn from documentary makers

After reading this article, I realized I'd been going about my outreach efforts all wrong: why mention climate change (or ecological collapse, etc) if that is going to turn off your potential audience?
Naomi Klein was told she could only market her documentary based on "This Changes Everything" if she made no mention of climate change. I suppose that does not surprise me. 
If you are going to use the theme of species extinction in your story, conceal that in your book description and show only joyful images such as frolicking dolphins on your cover! Or frame the story as an exciting thriller/chase. 
Because apparently people cannot handle anything that might make them feel down. They want entertainment or something to feel good about, not a schooling or hard facts. So you must trick them. 
And here is the wonderful poster and preview for the film opening this week based on Klein's book "This Changes Everything"
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