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"master storyteller"

my favorite praise from readers, especially war veterans

 a reader - incidentally a Vietnam War veteran - wrote about Flight of the Goose:
"Briefly, the story takes place in Alaska in the early 1970s, during the Viet Nam War. It is a story of cultures running head-on against each other, economically, spiritually, ways of life, et al. It is a love story. It is a story of what we have done to, and are still doing to our environment. It is a story of conflict between war and peace, of duty and priorities. It is a story, for the most part, about people.
I have been a perpetual reader for well over 57 years now. In that time I have literally read thousands of books. Among those thousands, there are around eight or ten books that I have read repeatedly from time to time over the years. Some of these works include Tom Sawyer, The Grapes of Wrath, A Farewell to Arms and The Hobbit. The one thing that all these books have in common, is that they were written by master story tellers. Flight of the Goose is going to go into my pile of "read it again" books. Ms. Thomas is most certainly a master story teller."  
(Let it be noted, a strong anti-war sub thread runs through my novel; indeed, one of the tragic protagonists is a draft dodger and that draft evasion seals his fate.
Though I am not so naive to think my writing would change anyone's mind about war and invasions or intercultural hatred, it is gratifying to know my story made an effect on an old warrior who once signed up for a long ago war and quickly grew to regret it).
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