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New and old threats to Alaska Native way of life: toxic algae and PCBs


As if climate warming, permafrost melting, storm surges and coastal erosion, industrial overfishing, caribou die off from changing snow levels, flooding, wildfires, acidification, oil spills and potential oil spills, oil drilling, mining run-off, military playground, hazardous wastes from old and new cold wars, tsunami debris, PCBs, satellite TV and invasion of Outsiders, and all the other ways I can't think of right now... here is probably the newest threat to Native subsistence villages that rely on an intact ecosystem:
toxic algae as reported in Al Jazeera 
and here is a great article in NYT about the study and cleanup of Cold War dumping sites on Saint Lawrence Island, home to Yupik Native Alaskans.
To their credit the scientists are trying to ameliorate another  bad legacy as well (one which was discussed in my novel Flight of the Goose: using indigenous cultures as way to get grant money and boost one's career, but without actually helping the human subjects. 
Not just Alaska Native ways of life, but everyone on Earth and soon: see the Rolling Stone article on rapid changes to the sea, fish and our food supply... scientists are running scared and if they admit they feel scared that is remarkable. 
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