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Rainforests, Wildfires and Big Oil

news from Subhankar Banarjee

I love Subhankar's work about the Arctic. Now he turns his spotlight to the more southern clime of the Pacific Northwest, (around Seattle and British Columbia) which is normally a temperate rainforest (unless it was clearcut as was most of it, and some of that clearcutting done by my own hardworking logging grandfathers and great grandfathers...);
Were you thinking of escaping drought of the Southwest by coming to the Puget Sound? Think again - this rainforest and all it creatures, including the iconic wild salmon species, is imperiled by record drought and wildfires. See the article 
On Big Oil - why I mention it is the same reason Subhankar mentions it.(It is also a big sub theme in my novel Flight of the Goose)
In this great climate change article in Esquire, more on gloomy scientists (and journalists) and what keeps them up at night.
(So many of these people remind me of the character in Flight of the Goose, the Birdman. I created his character largely from my own personality and knowledge base, so yes, these people remind me of myself). 
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