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Why is the Far North on Fire?

forests, tundra in flames in circumpolar regions

A must read article by Robert Scribbler, my go-to guy on awful climate change news, especially that under-reported or mis-reported. In this post he shows a video of a fire in Canada, "just one of thousands of fires now raging through Arctic lands and 5,105 fires burning through Canada alone."
In Alaska is unprecedented burning, and fires a whole month ahead of schedule (as any resident of the Arctic can tell you, there has been a shocking heat wave, early - my brother who fishes Norton Sound tells me the fish are confused and acting nutty - my mom who has a subsistence salmon net out says she is mostly just catching seaweed). Serious stuff for people who live off the land and sea. And no air conditioning in a massive heat wave for folks who are used to 40 degree F summers. 
"Alaska, a massive area the size of one and one half Connecticuts (7,300 square miles) has already been consumed by fires. A zone of smoldering tundra, boreal forests turned to ash, smoking bogs, and smoldering, thawing permafrost..." (~Scribbler) 
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